The eight turbines with a total capacity of 40MW will carry the largest rotor diameter for an onshore project in Asia (158 meters) and will be the first to transport blades in two pieces before assembly on site.

“We are one of the premier renewable energy companies in the Asia Pacific. GE remains deeply committed to Vietnam’s energy future - our 5MW Cypress turbines are ideally suited to make the best use of the Vietnam's tremendous wind energy potential,” said Mr Deepak Maloo, Regional Sales Leader of GE Onshore Wind.

With a rotor diameter of 158 metres, GE's Cypress platform wind turbines will be the largest in Asia (Photo: Nguyen Dao)

According to Mr Hervé Grillot, Chief Construction Officer of The Blue Circle, this technology is a game-changer for onshore sites as it will allow larger capacity machines, lowering our cost of energy and enhancing competitiveness of wind energy.

Despite the general suspension of master plan approvals in Vietnam related to the new Planning Law implementation, The Blue Circle has succeeded in securing the land and grid connection for the project in a difficult context.

“Binh Thuan province is a very complex and challenging environment to implement a wind power project. We are now extending the Mui Ne project with a second 40MW phase to be commissioned in 2021”, added Mr Olivier Duguet, Chief Executive Officer of The Blue Circle.

The Mui Ne wind project site has a total expansion potential of up to 170MW in one of the best wind resource areas in continental Vietnam. The project’s estimated cost is around USD80 million, which will be financed by debt and equity, and is planning to qualify for the wind feed-in-tariff of USD8.5 cents per kWh.

This latest addition to the Mui Ne project is a significant stride towards AC Energy’s 2025 goal of reaching 5GW of renewables capacity in the Philippines and around the region as well./.