Photo for illustration. (Source: VNA)

Totaling seven months, the country had 75,200 enterprises registered for establishment, a year-on-year reduction of 5.1%. Particularly, the number of enterprise recovering operations soared 17.6%, while those suspending operations to await for dissolution declined 12.2% and those completing procedures for dissolution dropped 4.5%. 

“These showed positive signals from the policy of supporting enterprises and the plan of recovering the country’s economy after the COVID-19 epidemic,” according to the report. 

In July alone, the country saw 13,200 new enterprises enter the market with a total registered capital of more than VND239.2 trillion and 91,400 workers. The figures represented a 3.8% reduction in the number of enterprises, a 72% rise in registered capital and a 8.7% decrease in the number of workers from the previous month. 

This month witnessed 4,839 enterprises recovering operation, down 3.2% against June but up 79% over a year earlier. 

In addition, 3,068 enterprises suspended operations to await for dissolution, 1,504 enterprises completed procedures for dissolution, and 4,591 enterprises did not operate at the registered addresses./.