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This number includes 63,063 less than 9-seat autos, a five-fold increase, and 28,805 trucks, a three-fold rise.

In July, the number of imported CBU autos was 11,609; equivalent to nearly USD295 million, with imports from five main markets accounting for about 92.5% of the total. They include 6,572 units from Thailand; 3,210 units from Indonesia; 600 units from China; 201 units from Japan and 157 units from the Republic of Korea.

Nearly 8,200 cars of less than 9-seat capacity were imported with a total value of USD161 million, accounting for 73.3%. Of this, cars shipped through Ho Chi Minh city port numbered 5,322 while 2,830 units were shipped through Hai Phong port.

This month also witnessed imports of 2,520 trucks, valued at USD60 million. Of this, 1,688 units come from Thailand and 498 units from Indonesia. These trucks were also mainly shipped through Ho Chi Minh city port with 1,496 units and Hai Phong port with 688 units./.