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Of this, transport group experienced the sharpest price reduction with 1.81% due to impact from petrol and oil price cut on November 6th and 21st. Specifically, A95 petrol price decreased VND2,230 per liter, E5 petrol price went down VND2,060 per liter, and diesel oil price declined VND980 per liter; bringing the total decrease of petrol and oil to 4.1% against last month and contributing a 0.17% reduction to CPI.

Housing and building materials group saw a 0.64% decline due to price reductions of gas by 9.18%, electricity by 0.64% and petrol by 0.97%. Restaurants and catering services decreased 0.14%; including a 0.27% rise of food, a 0.25% increase of rice, and a 0.3% surge of food products. Post and telecom group prices fell 0.06%.

This month, 7 out of 11 groups of commodity and major services witnessed price rises compared to October 2018, including: garments and textiles, hats and footwear (0.26%), other commodities and services (0.15%), home appliances (0.08%), beverages and cigarettes (0.07%), culture, entertainment and tourism (0.05%), education (0.05%), and medicine health services (0.01%).   

Basic inflation increased 0.11% from the previous months and soared 1.72% over a year earlier, bring the average inflation for the 11 months to 1.46% over a year earlier.

Gold price index also increased 0.98% from the previous month and decreased 0.93% from a year earlier./.