The figure helped raise the total capital registered of the province so far to USD33.6 billion in 3,629 projects.

Inside an FDI firm in Binh Duong province (Photo:

The province, a magnet for foreign investment in the southern region, now has 29 industrial zones with a total area of over 12,700ha, of which 82.3 percent have been hired by enterprises.

Foreign investors registered to pour 1.73 billion USD into Vietnam in June, bringing the total amount of FDI committed to the country in the first six months of the year to USD18.47 billion, down 9.2 percent year on year.

Among 19 fields and sectors receiving capital from foreign investors, manufacturing and processing led with USD13.15 billion, accounting for 71 percent of the nation’s total FDI. Real estate came next with USD1.32 billion (7.2 percent) followed by retail and wholesale with USD1.05 billion (6 percent).

Hong Kong retained its position as Vietnam’s leading source of FDI in the six-month period with USD5.3 billion, making up 29 percent of total investment.

The Republic of Korea ranked second with USD2.73 billion (15 percent of all FDI), followed by mainland China with USD2.29 billion (13 percent).

The capital city remained the most attractive destination for foreign investors as it lured more than USD4.87 billion, equivalent to 26.4 percent of all FDI pledged in the country. The southern economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City came next with USD3.1 billion (17 percent) and Binh Duong claimed third position with USD1.37 billion (7.5 percent)./.