Photo for illustration. (Source: CPV)

Total output of exploited oil in May reached 1.21 million tons, 4.5% higher than the month’s plan; bringing the figure for the first five months to 6.01 million tons, 2.2% higher than the plan.

Meanwhile, it exploited 0.88 billion cubic meters of gas, raising the output for the five months to 4.43 billion cubic meters, 3.4% higher than plan.  

Electricity generation reached 2.08 billion kWh, raising the figure for the five months to 9.8 billion kWh, 6.1% higher than the plan. Protein production posted 695,000 tons during the period, 5.2% higher than the plan. Petrol production hit 2.96 million tons, 2.6% higher than the plan.

The group’s total revenue amounted to VND234.5 trillion, 21% higher than the five months plan and 40% of the year plan. Total after-tax profit reached VND9.8 trillion, exceeding 15% of the five months plan and equaling 51% of the year plan./.