Producing towels at Dai Dong Vietnam Company Limited in Hai Ha Port Industrial Zone. (Photo:

Currently, the Northern province has 120 ongoing FDI projects with a total capital of more than USD6.23 billion. Of which, industrial zones and economic zones attracted 64 projects with a total registered capital of over USD2.58 billion, and 56 projects were invested in non-industrial and non-economic zones.

As many as 21 countries and territories are pouring capital into Quang Ninh, with the majority of FDI capital concentrating on the fields: tourism, services, hotels, restaurants, industry, mining, fiber production and building materials.

Production and business activities of FDI projects were maintained stable over the past time, helping Quang Ninh transfer economic structure toward green growth, create new jobs for workers, expand export market and increase revenue for the state budget.

According to statistics of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, FDI projects contributed to providing jobs for about 28,330 workers and paying over VND1.27 trillion to the State budget.

From the start of the year, Quang Ninh received dozens of foreign investors to study and survey investment opportunities in the locality with the majority of them being from Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan (China). In July alone, the province worked with the association of enterprises from Japan’s Hokuriku and arranged a meeting with an enterprise delegation from Taiwan (China).

It focuses on luring FDI capital in key markets: transport infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, supporting industries, hi-tech and hi-tech agriculture. Its target markets are the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Singapore and Europe. For European market, it will approach multinational corporations towards high-quality services, health and education.

The locality is gradually completing a comprehensive and modern transport system with nearly 20km of highway; finishing the project of building international airport; strongly developing tourism and services to lure more than 10 million tourists a year, including about 4.3 million foreigners.

In order to attract more investment, especially FDI flows, Quang Ninh continues to assist investors to study and research in the province, expand promotion channels, study and build mechanisms and preferential policies in investment promotion, especially for strategic investors, and improve the PCI and DDCI (Department and District Competitiveness Index)./.