Special discounts offered on 5,000 Tet products of Saigon Co.op supermarkets

Accordingly, from now to February 14th, the supermarkets of Sai Gon Union of Trading Co-operatives pledged to cut prices by 10%, 20%, 30% or even 50% on  the 5,000 products, including some kinds of vegetable and fruits, eggs, confectionery, dairy products, cooking oil, pasteurized milk, instant coffee and beverage.

In addition, retailers also enhanced many Co.opmart trademark products with high-quality products and specific commodities for Tet, such as jam cake, raisin, beverage, Chinese sausage, lean pork paste, pickle and some traditional specialties.

Organic products of Co.op Organic and Saigon Co.op trademark will also join the Tet market with a total volume of 100 tons of rice, vegetable and fruits, and fish and meat that meet the standards of the US Department of Agriculture and the European Union./.