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Specifically, tra fish export turnover reached USD2.26 billion, up 26.4%, while prawn export was valued USD3.58 billion, down 7.1%.

Other commodities earning high export growth included tuna at USD675 million, up 13.9%; other fishes USD1.52 billion, up 15.5%; mollusk USD785 million, up 9.1%; and crustaceans USD145 million, up 23%.

Notably, tra fish recorded gigantic growth in both farming area and output with 5,400 hectares (up 3.3%) and 1.42 million tons (up 8.4%), respectively.

The seafood sector aims at a total seafood output of  7.9 million tons in 2019, including 3.6 million of exploitation and 4.3 million tons of aquaculture, with an export expected to hit USD10 billion.

In 2019, the Directorate of Fisheries will focus on realizing the Law on Fisheries in life and continue developing the sector in line with the development orientation of the Vietnam Seafood Development Strategy until 2020./.