The list of candidates was selected from 3,200 businesses listed on the Asia-Pacific stock exchange with revenue of over USD1 billion in the last financial year.

The candidates ranking is based on a group of 12 criteria, such as: 5-year average revenue, operating revenue growth, profits on capital and expected growth in the next 1-2 years.

Among the seven Vietnamese companies, Masan has revenue of USD1.65 billion, net profit of over USD214 million. Its capitalization market value reached over USD3.76 billion.

Vinamilk is one of seven Vietnamese companies listed among Top 200 in Asia-Pacific

The second representative, Mobile World, owns retail stores of Thegioididong, Bach Hoa Xanh (Green Grocery) and Dien May Xanh (Green Electronics). According to Forbes Asia, in 2018, the company earned revenue of more than USD3.75 billion, net profit of USD125 million and market value of over USD2.17 billion.

Sabeco, which owns Saigon Beer trademark, recorded revenue of more than USD1.56 billion in 2018, net profit of USD181 million and market value of over USD7.73 billion.

Vietjet Air, with 46% of the Vietnam aviation market, carried 23 million passengers in 2018. It earned revenue of more than USD2.32 billion, net profit of USD232 million and had market capitalization value of over USD3.05 billion.

Vinamilk, the largest diary company in Vietnam, was named on the list with revenue of more than USD2.28 billion in 2018, net profit of USD44 million and market capitalization value of over USD9.07 billion.

For Techcombank, Forbes Asia recorded revenue of over USD1.33 billion, net profit of USD368 million and market capitalization value of over USD3.27 billion in 2018.

For Vingroup, Forbes Asia said the assets of the giant multi-industry group continue to be diversified. After releasing the first car in June 2018, Vingroup keeps on seeking new business opportunity by establishing an airline to take advantage of the booming tourism market in Vietnam.

In 2018, the group’s revenue reached USD5.295 billion, up 36%, but net profit fell 15% to USD164 million as it continued to pour much capital in automobile manufacturing. Meanwhile, its market capitalization has exceeded USD17 billion./.