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Of this, export value of white-leg shrimp will reach about USD2 billion, up 8%, and sugpo prawn export will be valued at USD900 million, up 2%.

Aiming to compete with other exporters to the US, European and Korean markets, like India and Thailand, VASEP asked domestic enterprises to closely control impurities and antibiotics injection in shrimp products, which seriously affect the quality, while exporters are giving increasingly strict requirements.

According to VASEP, in 2016, shrimp export posted USD3.13 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7%, in which white-leg shrimp made up 61%, sugpo prawn nearly 31% and other shrimp 8%.

The US is the biggest export market of Vietnamese shrimp products, valued at USD729 million, up 11%; followed by the European market at USD598 million, up 9%./.