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Of this, Vietnam’s exports were valued at USD2.96 billion, a year-on-year rise of 13%, while import turnover from the market was more than USD2.92 billion, up 32%.

Among 33 major export commodity groups in the market, telephones and components topped the list at USD582.49 million, 20% of the total and up 7% compared to the same period last year. It was followed by computers and devices at USD355.38 million, up 13%; crude oil at USD220.32 million, up 34%; and footwear at USD205.66 million, up 9%.

In the 11 months, most Vietnamese commodities shipped to Australia saw growth in turnover, such as cameras, film cameras and spare parts (283%), iron and steel products (161%), transport vehicles and accessories (86%), sporting tools and components (58%), chemical products (51%) and rattan, bamboo, rush and carpet products (39%).

Vietnam sees much potential in exporting seafood to Australia because the country consumes about 1 million tonnes of aquatic products annually. However, Australia’s production only meets 30% of its demand while 70% must be imported, such as canned fish, fillet fish, shrimp, squid and octopus.

Currently, Vietnam is the fourth largest seafood supplier in Australia after Thailand, New Zealand and China, with only an 11% market share. For shrimp products, it is the biggest exporter in the market with turnover making up over 35% of the market share./.