Of this, computer, telephone, office equipment, fashion and accessories are among the most traded commodities on e-commerce floors, holding 23%. It was followed by real estate (12%), food and beverage (10%) and accommodation and tourism (8%).

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The agency’s survey of 500 people who used mobile devices to shop in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city showed 88% of them sought information on commodities and services before deciding to buy products. Meanwhile, 45% of them said that they used mobile devices at least one time a day to search for information on products.

As many as 40% of users said their bills for purchases through mobile devices cost less than VND100,000, while 36% usually bought products valued from VND100,000-500,000 and 24% spent over VND500,000.

In 2014, total e-commerce revenue in Vietnam touched USD2.97 billion, accounting for 2.12% of the country’s total commodity retail and service turnover./.