A set of test kit (Photo: vietacorp.com)

The test kit uses the RT-PCR (Real time-Polymerase chain reaction) technique developed by the Military Medical Academy and Viet A Corporation.

According to Mr. Phan Quoc Viet, Director of Viet A Corporation, the test kit has been produced on a mass scale and 5,000 test kits were produced in the past week. These products are used in tandem with the biological kits produced by the US CDC and WHO at testing facilities which have brought about positive results.

Mr. Viet said that more than 10 countries including Belgium, Australia, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Nigeria, South Africa, Cambodia, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Italy and others have asked to buy the kit.

He emphasized that his company can produce up to 30,000 test kits per day.

This week, the company will ship the first batch of 50 kits (2,500 tests) to Ukraine and 100 kits (5,000 tests) to Finland.

Hanoi has also ordered 4,000 test kits (200,000 tests) to use in the city and to give to hospitals in Italy which are seriously hit by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Each test kit consists of 50 tests and each test is used for a single person. The timescale for results including the preparation time for the specimen is two hours./.