Son La’s mangoes exported to Australia and Canada (Photo:

CPTPP imported goods from Vietnam are mainly computers, electronic products and components and machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts and fertilizers. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this trade surplus is a remarkable figure.

Before 2019, Vietnam saw USD0.9 billion in excess of imports over exports from the CPTPP market, while in 2019 the country reported trade surplus of USD1.6 billion to this market.

The opportunity to increase exports to CPTPP member countries is huge, especially when recently, more than 2 tons of Vietnamese litchi have been sold after only a few hours at supermarkets in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, on the first day of sale (June 21st), at the price of VND180,000-270,000 per kilogram.

Japan’s opening the door to Vietnamese litchi during COVID-19 is good news for this kind of product, as well as other agricultural products exported to Japan. This year, it is estimated that about 100 tons of fresh litchi will be exported to Japan by air and sea.

In addition, on June 22nd, 30 tons of mango planted in Son La province were exported to the US, Canada and Australia markets. While Australian consumers have been familiar with Vietnamese mangoes over the past few recent years, this is the first year that mangoes are licensed to Canada which is considered a potential market in the CPTPP for Vietnamese products./.

Compiled by BTA