A customer enjoying 4K VR and Video technology over 5G network during “Mytel’s first 5G” event in Yangon on August 5th. (Photo: Thuy Mai)

"Mytel is making constant efforts to bring the cutting edge, 5G technology, to all customers. We will provide 5G services nationwide as fast as we can", told Mr. Hoang Trung Thanh, CEO of Mytel.

Earlier, on July 31st, Mytel successfully conducted a 5G technical test on C band (3.5 GHz). The connection speed was up to 1.6 Gbps, far exceeding the 4G network limit which is only 150 Mbps. Along with this success of Mytel, Viettel became the first operator launching 5G technology in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Mr. Do Manh Hung, CEO of Viettel Global said: “The goal of Mytel in particular and Viettel Global's markets in general is to be ready to lead the infrastructure, develop the latest technology and improve our products meeting customer's finance. In Myanmar, Mytel is cooperating with many suppliers to launch the most modern phones that can use 5G technology. Thus, they can use the 5G network as soon as the technology is officially deployed with the same price of the 4G network”.

According to Mr. U Soe Thien, Secretary of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Myanmar, this country will deploy 5G technology in the next 2-3 years. With the promotion of Viettel, it will soon become one of the first ever 5G countries in the region. 

The use of 5G technology is expected to facilitate the development of wireless fixation and universal connectivity, replacing the current mobile broadband./.