ASEANDSE 2019 participants (Photo: ASEAN Foundation)

The participating students will be potential candidates for a new generation of ASEAN citizens - young people using data to change the world.

Taking place from February to October, it started by conducting training sessions for students and lecturers at universities, helping them to improve their knowledge and skills. After that, the contestants will compete in the data analysis contest at national and regional levels.

Since its first launch in 2017, ASEANDSE is one of the most useful playgrounds for ASEAN youths to practice the skills of the 21st century. The competition includes training sessions led by leading experts and a competition for young people to try to solve urgent socio-economic issues in the ASEAN region through data analysis.

Program information can be found at or email to

In 2019, AWM team of Vietnam with 2 members from RMIT University won the first prize of ASEANDSE, in the project to improve the capacity of ethnic minority groups./.

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