At the reception (Photo: VNA)
During the reception, Deputy Minister Takaaki Katsumata said that next week Japan’s Ministry of the Environment will work with Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to organize the “Vietnam - Japan Environment Week” under which diverse workshops and talks will be held to introduce Japanese fuel technology, and promote investment and cooperation among businesses working in the environmental sector.

According to Mr. Takaaki Katsumata, Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is currently increasing cooperation with Japan in waste water management and treatment. “A committee in charge of waste water management and treatment is expected to be set up during the Vietnam - Japan Environment Week”, he said.

Expressing his thanks to Japan for supporting Hanoi in treating environmental pollution, Chairman Chung said that the city put into operation the first burn-waste-to-power plant of Vietnam in May 2017 which uses Japan’s modern technology with a capacity of 75 tons per day. The rest of the city’s household waste is being treated by burying, according to Mr. Chung.

He confirmed that waste and waste water treatment and environmental pollution treatment are in the city’s focus, pledging to give priority to using Japan’s technology in dealing with the issues./.

Compiled by BTA