Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh city People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong receives the delegation from Gunma prefecture led by Governor Masaaki Osawa. (Photo: VNA)
Speaking during the reception, Chairman Phong said that high political trust between Vietnam and Japan is a favourable condition for cooperative activities, especially in economics, trade and investment.

Sharing the city’s orientations in socio-economic development with the delegation, Chairman Phong confirmed that the city always appreciated resources from foreign investors, pledging to make the most favourable conditions for foreign investors, including Japanese businesses, to do business in the city for the long term.

“Ho Chi Minh city hopes to increase cooperation with Gunma prefecture, especially in areas where Gunma prefecture has experience, such as the development of small and medium sized businesses, and the training of labourers,” said Chairman Phong.

According to Mr. Phong, Gunma prefecture and Ho Chi Minh city should look to sign a cooperation deal to exploit all potential from the two localities, especially in areas that are strengths of Gunma prefecture such as tourism, manufacturing technology and human resources training.

Showing his impression of Ho Chi Minh city’s strong and dynamic development, Governor Masaaki Osawa said that his delegation wanted to set up links with the city’s authority, promoting the cooperation between the two localities, first in tourism and exchanges of trainees in the agricultural sector.

He also stressed that Gunma prefecture’s businesses hoped to cooperation with Ho Chi Minh city in technology, supportive industry and the development of small and medium sized businesses.

In particular, being a locality with a large number of Vietnamese students, Gunma prefecture expects to set up links to increase the quality and quantity of Ho Chi Minh city’s students in Gunma prefecture./.

Compiled by BTA