The online meeting was of great significance as this year the two cities celebrate the 25th anniversary of the friendship establishment, and show the determination to maintain the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two cities during the pandemic.

Sharing information about COVID-19 prevention in Busan, Mr. Byeon Sung Wan said that Busan had better control the pandemic, while promoting economic recovery. He expressed his hope to share the pandemic response with Ho Chi Minh city, adding that Busan city was willing to cooperate with the Vietnamese city in controlling the pandemic.

Chairman of the city People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong at the online meeting with Mr. Byeon Sung Wan (Photo:

To promote the efforts of the two cities in fighting the pandemic and recovering the economy, Mr. Byeon Sung Wan proposed to establish an online interdisciplinary working group between Ho Chi Minh and Busan cities, in order to promote indirect cooperation in the post-COVID-19 period. He suggested that the working group should include representatives of the medical, cultural and economic areas, going on to say that Busan could also support Ho Chi Minh city’s promotion of ODA cooperation.

Appreciating Vietnam’s special policy of regulations for businesspeople to enter the country, Byeon Sung Wan said he hoped that Ho Chi Minh city would soon take measures to re-connect the direct flight route between Ho Chi Minh city and Busan, creating favorable conditions for businesses of both sides to boost cooperation in the coming time.

For his part, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh city People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong said that, along with the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has recovered the economy through two phases, including applying financial measures to reduce businesses’ losses and ensure their market presence; and connecting growth recovery with economic restructuring.

In addition, the city continues to implement a plan to support businesses by assisting their labourers’ income; reducing production costs; renewing technologies; continuing innovation start-up programs; and giving forecasts on partners’ cooperation in trade, investment and tourism for being able to open economic and tourism activities at an appropriate time.

Praising Busan city’s proposal to establish an interdisciplinary working group between the two cities, he suggested Mayor Byeon Sung Wan assigned the Korean city’s Foreign Affairs Department to link with Ho Chi Minh city’s side.

Regarding Busan businesses’ entering into the city, Chairman Phong said the city shared difficulties with foreign businesses, including Busan enterprises. Over the past time, Vietnam has been creating conditions for foreign businessmen, experts and workers to enter Vietnam, especially from the Republic of Korea, a country with many experts, technicians and senior managers entering Vietnam.

In September, Vietnam is expected to reopen 6 international routes, including the flight between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, which will gradually restore cooperation in many fields, creating conditions for both sides to exchange and cooperate. Ho Chi Minh city alone has established an interdisciplinary team to deal with immigration problems of businesses, experts coming to invest and work in the city./.

Compiled by BTA