PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Photo: VGP)

During the interview, the Prime Minister affirmed that Vietnam's success was due to its early awareness of the pandemic, proper measures, and firm direction which received support from the people. He also emphasized the persistent viewpoint of the Party, the State and the Government of Vietnam to be proactive, not negligent, "fighting the pandemic like the enemy", mobilizing the strength and the participation of the whole political system and social community, taking pandemic prevention as a priority, preventing the risk of the pandemic spreading from outside, isolating infected areas, treating effectively, accepting the sacrifice of short-term economic benefits to best protect people's health and lives.

The Prime Minister said that with the negative impacts caused by the pandemic, the Government has also implemented many measures to support the economy, remove difficulties for production and business, especially caring for the lives of people. As a result, so far, Vietnam has basically managed to control the pandemic and at the same time maintained the macro economy, turning to a "new normal" state, and determined to achieve GDP growth of 4.5-5% in 2020.

Sharing about Vietnam's international cooperation in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister said that Vietnam had taken many practical activities to support and cooperate with other countries and international organizations, which was appreciated by the international community, including providing masks and medical equipment, and sharing information and experience on COVID-19 prevention.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed his thanks to the international media for paying attention and making comprehensive and objective assessments of Vietnam’s COVID-19 prevention, considering it a great encouragement for the Government and people of Vietnam in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foreign correspondents congratulated Vietnam on its success and highly appreciated Vietnam's measures to effectively prevent the COVID-19 pandemic./.

Compiled by BTA