A signing ceremony of relationship between Cao Bang and Guangxi provinces’ residential areas. (Photo: baophapluat.vn)

Under the program, diverse activities will be held, including talks; cultural exchange among border guard forces, local authorities and border people; joint border patrol; and the inauguration of the center on friendship exchange and trade and tourism promotion in Cao Bang province.

An anniversary marking the 5 years of friendly relationship between Vietnamese and Chinese localities; joint practice on calamity and epidemic rescue in border areas; and a meeting to review 5 years of the program, will also be held.

The northern province of Cao Bang has a border line of over 333 kilometres, with 634 marks, 3 main pairs of gates, 3 secondary pairs of gates, and one entrance bordering the Zhuang Autonomous Region. Over the past years, the provincial border guard has actively helped local authorities link residential areas along the border line, thus contributing to reinforcing the friendly relationship among border people, and firmly protecting national sovereignty and security.

The establishment of relationships among residential areas aims to realize the Party and State policies on people’s diplomacy, while the signing of friendship documents shows the strong consensus among leaders of Cao Bang and Guangxi provinces, confirming people’s great role in protecting national sovereignty and security, and building a peaceful, friendly and cooperative border line for joint development./.

Compiled by BTA