On June 29th, 1989, when the last Vietnamese volunteers were seen off, Pracheachon Newspaper of the Cambodian People's Revolutionary Party ran an article saying that during the seriously tragic years of Pol Pot's genocidal regime, there were so many strong and rich in the world, but only the poor neighbour of Vietnam came to save the Cambodian nation.

At the inauguration of the historic relic 125 on January 2nd, 2012, in Dong Nai, Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen respectfully called Vietnamese volunteers “Buddha's army”.

He said that when the Cambodian people were about to die, they only knew how to clasp their hands and pray to the Buddha for help, the Vietnamese volunteers appeared. “The Vietnamese army is the Buddha's army”.

This confirmation of the Head of the Cambodian Government is not only an expression of his gratitude as well as the Cambodian people’s, but also the confirmation of solidarity and mutual support of the long-term friendly and cooperative relationship between the two neighbouring countries.
On January 7th, 1979, Cambodian armed forces and Vietnamese volunteers liberated the capital Phnom Penh, marking victory over the Pol Pot genocidal regime.

Cambodian army liberated Phnom Penh on January 7th, 1979.

Vietnamese and Cambodian soldiers protected Angkor Wat Temple in July 1982.

People in Ratanakiri province welcomed Cambodian armed forces and Vietnamese volunteers.

Cambodian armed forces and Vietnamese volunteers worked together.

The close relationship in history and the sharing of difficulties makes the Vietnam - Cambodia friendly and cooperative relationship have great potential for strong and comprehensive development. Vietnam and Cambodia will be loyal neighbors and friends forever. 

Cambodian people brought water to Vietnamese volunteers when they helped them harvest rice.

Vietnamese volunteers helped Cambodian farmers harvest rice.

Tens of thousands of Phnom Penh people saw off Vietnamese volunteers who completed international duties and returned home in June 1984.

People in Battambang province saw off Vietnamese volunteers in June 1984.

Phnom Penh people saw off Vietnamese volunteers.
BTA (Photos: VNA)