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Building Viet Nam’s bridge to greater economic growth and development
(CPV) - There are three key strategies that can help Viet Nam achieve its ambitious development targets in the coming years.
Human resources key to sustainable tourism development
10:20 25/02/2020
Developing human resources in tourism is key to help boost this industry sustainability, according to experts.
Joint statement shows ASEAN’s responsiveness to non-traditional security challenges
11:07 21/02/2020
A joint statement on defence cooperation against disease outbreaks issued at the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Retreat (ADMM Retreat) demonstrated the members’ responsiveness to non-traditional security challenges, especially amid the spread of COVID-19 that no country can singlehandedly deal with.
EVFTA opens up new era in EU-Vietnam trade ties: Italian experts
09:19 19/02/2020
The European Parliament’s approval of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) marks the start of a new era with significance meaning in the trade ties between Vietnam and EU members, according to an Italian expert on Vietnam.
Vietnam seeks ways to promote exports amidst fear of coronavirus impacts
11:42 06/02/2020
Vietnam has planned drastic measures to support exports following the suspension of cross-border trade with China due to the novel coronavirus, known as 2019-nCoV.
Vietnam: The most promising investment destination for Japanese businesses in 2020
18:35 05/02/2020
Japan has been the leading foreign investor in Vietnam. In particular, there have been Japanese investors in Vietnam's economy with a series of large-scale factory projects of big names such as Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Canon, FujiXerox and Sumitomo.
Vietnam’s e-commerce market to rocket to 13 billion USD in 2020
11:16 06/01/2020
The size of Vietnamese e-commerce market is likely to hit 13 billion USD this year thanks to a large percentage of young residents and internet subscribers, according to insiders.
Investment in farm land needed: experts
10:07 28/12/2019
Vietnam was in urgent need of policies to develop a transparent and sustainable agricultural land market to attract more investment in the farming sector, according to the Vietnam Real Estate Association.
High-tech supply chain key to sustainability for agriculture
16:57 19/12/2019
New technologies are key to advancing the agriculture sector since they can boost the value of products to make them more competitive on the global market, experts said.
More work needed to popularize Vietnamese goods
11:43 12/12/2019
While Vietnamese goods have become more popular in the domestic market, there's still a long way to go before local products rule the roost.