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Vietnam continues to improve its human rights record
Vietnam over the past years has achieved numerous advances in human rights. The country considers respecting, protecting, and promoting human rights, a universal value, its responsibility.
Vietnamese rice industry should focus on quality: Experts
10:57 19/10/2017
Vietnamese rice producers and exporters should focus on quality and supplying products that are in demand to sustain the production and export of the grain and add value to the grain, heard a meeting in Ho Chi Minh city on October 17th.
APEC 2017: Opportunity for Vietnam to affirm its position with the world
17:12 18/10/2017
A roundtable conference themed "APEC 2017 - Towards Vietnam" was organized by the Asia-Europe Idea Research Support Fund and Regnum News Agency in Moscow on October 17th.
Agricultural growth still facing underlying risks
16:43 11/10/2017
Vietnam’s agricultural growth was not really as high as expected during the past 9 months of this year with a low added value and potential risks.
EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement ratification expedited
11:33 02/10/2017
Some pending issues around the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement are being settled to ensure that the deal will be ratified early next year.
EP, Vietnam strives for EVFTA ratification in next nine months
16:57 16/09/2017
The European Parliament (EP)’s Committee on International Trade (INTA) and the Vietnamese Government have agreed that they have to make concerted efforts for the ratification of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) in the next eight or nine months.
Solving trouble brewing in the Vietnam tea industry
16:05 13/09/2017
Overall, the global tea market continues to grow steadily, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) retail volume of 4.2% through 2022, according to a recent marketing report by IMARC Group.
Vietnam realises commitments to human rights promotion
11:59 08/09/2017
Observing commitments to promoting human rights is an important part of Vietnam’s efforts and also an important achievement of the country in ensuring human rights.
HCM City seeks to mobilise capital from private sector
11:16 03/09/2017
With public funding only able to meet a fifth of the VND1.8 quadrillion (USD80 billion) required for development works in HCM City’s in 2016 – 2020, municipal authorities are striving to involve the private sector.
Strong marketing strategy needed to bolster tra fish exports
17:10 30/08/2017
A stronger marketing strategy coupled with substantial improvement in tra fish quality is needed to bolster the export of the fish as rough seas are still ahead for this product, experts said.