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Symposium promotes Industry 4.0’s role in human development
A symposium was held in Hanoi on August 15th to discuss the promotion of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its effects on human development in Vietnam.
Positive signs promise good year for rice export
11:20 11/02/2018
Many rice export contracts continuing from 2017 and Indonesia’s import order at the year’s beginning amid limited rice supply are positive signs for Vietnam’s rice exports.
EVFTA a double edged sword of challenges and benefits for agriculture sector
11:35 10/02/2018
The Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is set to come into force this year and with its benefits will also come great challenges for the future of agriculture, which has been a sensitive field for both sides during the negotiation process.
New securities law aims to clarify procedures
11:22 10/02/2018
An update on the securities law this year focuses on nine targets in the hope of giving a boost to the development of the securities market as well as the broader financial sector.
Vietnam, France look to stronger strategic partnership
16:15 05/02/2018
Vietnam and France will celebrate the 45th anniversary of bilateral ties this year with plenty of cultural and economic exchanges underway to elevate their strategic partnership to a new height.
ADB appoints New Country Director for the Philippines
23:51 31/01/2018
(CPV) - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has appointed Kelly Bird as its new Country Director for the Philippines.
Vietnam’s religious policy reaches turning point
16:49 15/01/2018
The Law on Belief and Religion, which has been in effect since this January 1st, is seen as a turning point in Vietnam’s religious policy as it demonstrates the reform of state management to consolidate national unity and the trust of religious followers in the guidelines and policies of the Party and State.
Labor sector needs to capitalize on international integration opportunities
16:10 09/01/2018
The advancement of international economic integration and the fourth Industrial Revolution has afforded significant opportunities for cooperation and development, while creating jobs but it has also posed challenges for Vietnam’s labor market in the digital era.
Improving competitiveness of Vietnamese brand in international integration
15:13 30/12/2017
(CPV) - Many Vietnamese businesses aren’t interested in and don’t consider brand building as a business tool, therefore, it is hard for Vietnamese brands to stand in the domestic market.
Quang Ninh needs more luxury tourism products
10:48 26/12/2017
The northern province of Quang Ninh needs to call on investment in developing luxury tourism and real estate products to meet the high demand of tourists, according to experts.