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Firms urged to assume social responsibility
Intensive training on environment management designed for Vietnamese firms is needed as part of efforts to uphold their social responsibility.
Free trade pact revitalizes ROK exports to Vietnam
11:37 23/02/2017
Exports to Vietnam from the Republic of Korea (ROK) have increased by 13.0% since the Vietnam-Korea FTA came into force in December 2015, according to official statistics.
Cashew sector faces difficulties in 2017
11:13 21/02/2017
Despite record earnings from export in 2016, cashew nuts exporters are struggling to meet targets for this year due to a shortage of raw materials.
Preservation of traditional costumes in development trend
12:15 19/02/2017
Traditional costumes of ethnic minorities are the cultures of groups. Preservation and conservation of traditional costumes is essential, especially in the development and integration trend.
Phu Quoc Island ‘smart district’ development requires careful planning
10:55 16/02/2017
The Phu Quoc Island ‘smart district’ development requires careful planning to maintain a critically important balance between conventional and modern technology, says the Vietnam Post & Telecommunications Group.
Vietnam realty market attracts robust foreign investment
10:28 13/02/2017
The property market of Vietnam is attractive to foreign investments due to the country’s rapid ubanisation, open policies and improved investment climate, experts said.
Rice exports of Vietnam face tough year ahead
10:25 10/02/2017
Vietnam farmers face another difficult year as confidence falters with industry analysts particularly pessimistic the country will reach overseas sales of more than five million metric tons in 2017, the Vietnam Food Association has said.
Vietnam retail still at dawn of digital age
10:08 07/02/2017
Vietnam is a country in transition from traditional brick-and-mortar retail to the digital age of e-commerce and online commercial activity, but many factors have placed a stranglehold on its growth, say the experts.
Manufacturing sector struggles to overcome skills gap
17:35 03/02/2017
The labor challenges facing Vietnam in 2017 are considerable, requiring a massive effort to retrain and upskill workers by the millions, says the Ministry of Labor, War-Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA).
Kien Giang boasts huge tourism potential
15:13 01/02/2017
Due to the region’s desirable natural conditions, the Mekong delta province of Kien Giang has marked out four key tourism development zones, in the hope of satisfying travellers’ demands for discovery, relaxation and sightseeing.