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Vietnam grows strongly after 10 years of joining WTO
Vietnam has been developing strongly after joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) 10 years ago thanks to expansion of relations and reform policies.
Vietnam’s fisheries sector: Challenges for quality and materials
13:09 31/12/2016
Abnormal weather patterns in 2016 have seriously affected aquaculture activities, causing material resource shortages. On the international market, importing countries are increasing technical barriers, which make Vietnam’s fisheries sector face challenges in 2017 with the goal of keeping a stable growth rate.
Building products associated with the sea and island brand
17:18 28/12/2016
(CPV) - In recent years, consumers at home and abroad are increasingly familiar with and proud of products exploited and produced from territorial waters and islands of the nation such as Phu Quoc fish sauce, Ly Son garlic, and Nha Trang bird’s nest. These products have contributed to promoting and creating value for the brand of Vietnam’s sea and islands.
Strengthening links between farm and business to help dairy develop
22:59 27/12/2016
(CPV) - Livestock development programs in regions and key communes have been carried on for nearly six years. So far, dairy cows of Hanoi have increased in both quantity and quality. However, a large number of farmers have also sold dairy cows to raise pigs and chickens.
Foreign investment could slow due to low localization
11:17 26/12/2016
Commercial trade growth for the Asia Pacific region slowed to 2.3% in 2015, far below the expectations of 2.7% that had been forecast, said the Asian Development Bank in a recently released report.
Clothiers face hurdles to benefit from Vietnam-EU free trade pact
16:21 22/12/2016
A free trade agreement expected to come into force by 2018 holds great potential to boost retail sales of clothing, footwear and textiles produced in Vietnam in the 28 member countries of the EU, say trade experts.
Using public-private partnerships to revamp agriculture
17:50 20/12/2016
At the core of any sustainable development and poverty reduction strategy for agriculture is the ability to attract large dollar amounts of investment capital flows, said experts at a recent forum in Hanoi.
Labour exports hurt by lack of foreign language skills
16:24 13/12/2016
Few countries have as many of their citizens working abroad as Vietnam, or depend so greatly on labour exports for economic vitality, said the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs.
Task huge for Vietnam to cut trade deficit with ASEAN
18:46 08/12/2016
The task of cutting trade deficit with ASEAN is huge for Vietnam as it involves a wide range of efforts from reforming technology to improving product quality, according to trade officials.
Vietnam urged to tap wind power potential
16:29 30/11/2016
Vietnam has great potential for developing wind power but big initial investment, technical complexity and a lack of quality technicians are deterring the development of the sector.