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Efforts to make Ho Chi Minh city a global financial centre
Ho Chi Minh city is aiming to become a regional and international financial centre as a way to accelerate its economic growth in the time ahead.
High-quality products: Key to reaching out global market
12:10 11/05/2018
Producing high-quality products will enable Vietnamese businesses to make inroad into the global market, experts said at a workshop in Hanoi on May 10th.
Creativity: Key to increased labor productivity
08:19 03/05/2018
In recent times, increased labor productivity in Vietnam have heavily relied on the transition of economic restructuring from the agricultural to the industrial and service sectors but there has been a lack of improvement in labor productivity in each economic sector.
Int’l press highlights Vietnam’s impressive economic development
15:02 30/04/2018
Over the past week, the international press has run numerous articles highlighting the impressive development of Vietnam’s economy.
Property market remains attractive to investors
16:40 23/04/2018
The real estate market continues to be attractive to investors, but the level of competition would be much higher this year and the following years.
German appoints new ambassadors to countries
15:27 20/04/2018
New grand coalition government in Germany on April 19th appointed a number of new ambassadors to major global capitals.
National conference seeks ways to reduce logistics costs
17:34 17/04/2018
Ways to reduce logistics costs and improve transport connectivity were the main topics of a national conference held in Hanoi on April 16th under the chair of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
E-commerce expected to grow strongly in 2018
16:26 09/04/2018
The e-commerce market has taken off in Vietnam thanks to booming internet usage and smartphone ownership, along with massive investments from key retail players, local media reported.
State administrative apparatus needs reform for better efficiency
11:07 04/04/2018
Building a streamlined and effective apparatus for the political system is one of the key tasks that the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has set for the 12th tenure.
Vietnamese firms urged to deeply explore Cuban market
22:15 29/03/2018
Vietnamese enterprises need to devise specific business strategies and fully tap opportunities to further partner with Cuban firms, thus expanding their operation in the country, a Vietnamese official has said.