Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi

Terraced field paradise

Located on the arc tourism route of Bac Ha - Lao Cai - Ha Giang - Cao Bang, Hoang Su Phi has a unique beauty, recognized as the most beautiful terraced fields of Ha Giang province and is one of the terraced field paradises of Vietnam, including Mu Cang Chai and Sa Pa.

These are terraced fields spreading across the 25 communes and towns of the district, intermingled with peaceful streams, waterfalls, villages and traditional houses and century-old Shan Tuyet green tea forests.

At present, Hoang Su Phi district has 1,380 ha of terraced fields in 11 communes of Ban Phung, Ban Luoc, San Sa Ho, Ho Thau, Thong Nguyen, Nam Ty, Ta Su Choong, Ban Nhung, Po Lo, Thang Tin and Nam Khoa, which have been ranked as national landscapes by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. These are the most beautiful terraced fields of Hoang Su Phi district and have long been known by domestic and foreign tourists as a special attraction.

The terraced fields of Hoang Su Phi district bend endlessly, stretching from the banks of a stream to the top of the mountain and intermingled with primeval forests, century-old tea terraced fields, rivers and streams, creating a harmonious, colourful natural picture. They are most beautiful in transplanting season from April to June and ripen rice season from August to mid October.

Every year, when local people water their fields at full to prepare for a new crop and the ripen rice season, domestic and international tourists are eager to come there to enjoy fresh air, contemplate wild nature, wander the primeval forest, view the terraced fields, rivers and streams or challenge themselves by climbing to the top of Tay Con Linh, Chieu Lau Thi at over 2,400m above sea level.

Mr. Trieu Van Nguyen, a local person, enthusiastically introduces to tourists that, in early days of winter, valleys of Hoang Su Phi district, especially in the area of Tung San, Ho Thau, Nam Ty, Ta Su Choong and Ban Luoc communes, sink in the sea of floating white clouds. The high mountains are only looming in the clouds. The terraced fields are only seen when the sunshine emerges. At the top of Tay Con Linh, forests of yellow, pink, white and red water-rail flowers bloom splendidly every February.

Developing community tourism

With soil mountain terrain, hamlets and fields and primeval forests, over the past years, Hoang Su Phi has taken its advantages to develop tourism, especially ecotourism and community tourism.

Hoang Su Phi is home to 12 ethnic groups, of which the Nung and Dao ethnic groups are the majority. In front of their hamlets are terraced fields and streams, and beyond them are primeval forests.

Ms. Hoang Thi Mai, a visitor from Hanoi, said that those who work in community-based tourism are not isolated from everyday life and service, so she find herself in harmony with the daily life with the local family. She goes to the field to work, catch fish in the stream and is warmed by the fire in the house on stilts.

The district has many attractive tourism destinations such as Suoi Thau destination in Ban Luoc commune with Suoi Thau terraced fields, a national landscape; Suoi Thau Temple, a cultural historical relic and ancient houses on stilts. It attracts the largest number of visitors, especially at the time when the local people fill the fields with water and when the rice ripens.

At the Na Leng tourism destination in Ban Phung commune, visitors can discover Hoang Van Thung ancient tomb area and national intangible cultural heritage of traditional Khu Cu Te festival of La Chi ethnic group. While in Lang Giang tourism destination in Thong Nguyen commune, mainly welcoming European visitors, tourists can join short tours discovering community tourism cultural villages of Phin Ho, Nam Hong and Giang Thuong. In addition, tourists who like a challenge can climb up Chieu Lau Thi Mount to contemplate the sea of clouds.

Moreover, tourists can visit local traditional trade villages of ethnic groups such as Phin Ho green tea process trade in Thong Nguyen commune famous for Shan Tuyet tea, bamboo and rattan weaving village in Then Chu Phin, silver carving village in Po Ly Ngai commune famous for precise handicraft products, cotton-growing and fabric weaving trade in Ban Phung commune and Doan Ket brocade weaving trade village in Ho Thau commune.

Products of trade villages all have specific features, showing the talent of craftsmen, and have become favoured souvenirs among many tourists./.