2nd edition of "Krossing Over" Arts Festival to open in Ho Chi Minh city

This year’s event will feature a series of interdisciplinary and collaborative performances along with a plethora of artist talks, dance workshops, and international film screenings.

Themed “Home, City and Architecture,” site-specific works to be presented at this year’s festival look into the intimate relationship between people and their ever-evolving surroundings. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s classic novel “Invisible Cities,” KOAF’s artists view themselves as “travellers” sharing stories of the cities they know or have been to from their own perspectives using different methods of expression.

Apart from these performances, KOAF 2018 includes in its schedule seven experimental dance films by independent film-makers, producers, and choreographers that reflect the festival’s overarching theme.

KOAF aims to create a brand new art-viewing experience through the choice of atypical venues such as a cafe; a concept store; a historical educational building; and an experimental art space, which liberates art from intimidating white walls. This not only makes art more approachable to a larger crowd of participants, but also ignites their sense of discovery urging them to travel to see the art, meet new people and visit new places./.

Compiled by BTA