A scence in the movie Hanh phuc cua me (Mother’s happiness)

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, nine special films from nine ASEAN member countries, including eight feature films and one animation, will be screened at ASEAN Film Week 2020 in Vietnam.

It will be organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as part of celebrations to mark the country’s 2020 ASEAN Chairmanship. It will also serve to connect the different cultures of ASEAN members, as the group strives towards building a peaceful, stable, dynamic, cohesive, and prosperous community in the long term.

The Vietnamese movie Hanh phuc cua me (Mother’s happiness) is scheduled to premiere at the opening ceremony at 7:30 pm on July 18th, 2020, at the National Cinema Center in Hanoi.

During the week, screenings of Ranggau, Thousand Incarnations of Brunei, Young Love of Cambodia, Aruna Dan Lidahnya of Indonesia, and Expiration Date of Laos will also take place.

The event will also see movies from each ASEAN member state introduced to movie lovers, including Ejen Ali the Movie of Malaysia and Women of the Weeping River of the Philippines.

To conclude the film week, The Wayang Kids of Singapore and App War of Thailand will be shown./.

Compiled by BTA