According to the municipal People’s Committee, the city granted new investment licenses to 816 foreign-invested projects with a total registered capital of USD754.1 million in the period. Besides, it also allowed 197 existing projects to increase capital by USD419.3 million.

Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

Besides, 3,147 foreign investors registered USD3.02 billion to contribute capital to or buy shares of domestic companies in the reviewed period. 

The real estate sector took the lead in attracting FDI  USD250.5 million in 33 projects. It was followed by science-technology, trading, and transport-warehouse with respective investment values of USD226.7 million, USD141.5 million and USD 31.6 million. 

As many as 60 countries and territories invested into the city in the period. British Virgin Islands topped the list with 10 projects worth USD179.1 million, accounting for 23.7 percent of the total. 

Investors from the Republic of Korea poured USD161.4 million into 172 projects in the city, while those from Japan had 111 projects worth USD139.1 million, and from Singapore with 105 projects totaling USD118.1 million. 

To further promote FDI attraction, the municipal authorities have taken policies and programmes to support investors, especially in industry, and support and processing industries. 

Attention has been paid to improving investment and business environment to lure more foreign investment projects. /.