Vice Chairman of the city People’s Committee Huynh Cach Mang awards third-class Labor Order of the State President for former Deputy Head of the city Ethnic Minority Committee Chau Van Hai for excellent achievements at work. (Photo:
So said Deputy Head of the Ho Chi Minh city Ethnic Minorities Committee Luong Hong Duc during a meeting held on January 10th to review the work in 2017 and carry out the work in 2018.

According to Mr. Duc, the Committee worked with relevant agencies to provide nearly 3,800 presents worth over VND1.4 billion for ethnic minority people during festivals; issued 8,000 documents on the city’s 10th Party Congress resolution in the Chinese language, to help ethnic minority people master and apply the resolution in reality; and issued 5,000 documents on the Civil Code and Law on Religious Beliefs to be distributed to each Chinese family.

In addition, policies on ethnic minority people were translated into ethnic minority languages, which helped them understand the implementation of the policies.

The city Ethnic Minorities Committee in collaboration with the city Department of Justice organized 10 legal dissemination courses, attracting over 1,700 ethnic minority people. Meanwhile, cultural, educational and social activities among ethnic minorities were promoted, gaining encouraging achievements.

Addressing the meeting, Vice Chairman of the city People’s Committee Huynh Cach Mang suggested that departments, agencies and districts should issue solutions to encourage ethnic minority people to promote their potential in boosting economic development, stressing that realizing ethnic minority policies was the task of the whole political system.

He asked the city Ethnic Minority Committee to continue to effectively realize ethnic minority policies in all areas, ensuring social welfare and promoting cultural identity, contributing to increasing ethnic minority people’s material and spiritual lives./.

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