According to HFIC, the dissemination of the directive has been carried out in diverse and effective forms. After 4 years, the company Party Committee Commission for Popularization and Education has organized 3 collective contests, online contests, film screening and play performance on the directive; sent different delegations to Uncle Ho Mausoleum and hometown as well as museum; and designed infographics on the directive for each factory and agency.

From 2016 to 2020, 9 collectives and 15 individuals have been awarded by the city Party Committee and 147 collectives and 278 individuals awarded by the company Party Committee.

After 10 years of establishment and operation, the company Party Committee has led to realize production targets, bringing the value of thousands of billions of VND and social value. Obeying the city’s direction, the company has lent and contributed capital to invest in the construction of many big projects to serve the people, such as Saigon Bridge, Binh Trieu 2 Bridge, Hanoi Highway, Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy University, Ton Duc Thang University, and District 3 Sports Center.

On this occasion, HFIC Party Committee held a writing contest which will last until July 10th to celebrate the Party congress at all levels, highlighting cadres and Party members’ pride and trust in the Party./.


Compiled by BTA