Work by artist Hoang Tuong Minh

From September 18 to October 18, 2020, Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) will introduce to the public the Hanoi - Saigon Sculpture Exhibition.

This is the largest sculpture art exhibition in a decade by the Hanoi - Saigon sculpture group, marking the 10-year milestone of the group's operation. The exhibition brings together the largest number of sculptors and works ever with the participation of 32 famous sculptors and 63 exhibits. Most of the works are composed in 2020, bearing the look and breath of contemporary Vietnamese sculpture.

Notably, with the participation of a large number of young artists born between 1980-1990, the exhibition promises to bring a fresh new breeze of talent and new perspectives for art lovers.

In addition to the large quantity of exhibits, the creative trends and materials used are diverse, such as metal, wood, stone, ceramic, composite and fiberglass.

Since 2010, a series of Hanoi-Saigon (or Saigon-Hanoi, based on the place of exhibition) sculpture exhibitions has taken place alternately in the two cities every two years./.

Compiled by BTA