The letter, released in the Vietnamese and English languages on March 17th, is one of the city’s latest efforts in the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Ho Chi Minh city is a favorite destination for many international tourists. (Photo for illustration)

In the letter, the Ho Chi Minh city’s leader affirmed that tourists’ choice of the city as their destination is “a great driving force for the development” of the locality.

Mr. Tuyen affirmed that Ho Chi Minh city has been implementing the best measures to ensure the safety of tourists. “If there is any inconvenience, the city authority hopes to receive tourists’ sympathy,” he wrote.

Emphasizing that tourists’ obeying preventive regulations and guidelines is a meaningful action for the health of the community and themselves, the city’s leader urges visitors to join hands in fighting the epidemic.

At the end of the letter, Mr. Tuyen also expressed his hope that tourists continue to trust and choose Ho Chi Minh city as a destination in their following vacations.

Ho Chi Minh city plans to print 10,000 letters to distribute to foreign visitors at tourist information stations. The city Department of Tourism has also cooperated with agent businesses to convey messages in the letter to visitors through information channels and businesses’ websites.

Previously, Ho Chi Minh city closed all bars, karaoke and massage shops until the end of March 31st as a measure to prevent Covid-19.

As of March 16th, 8 Covid-19 cases were reported in Ho Chi Minh city, with 3 having been cured. Meanwhile, 66 were discovered across Vietnam as of March 17th./.

Compiled by BTA