Conference to realize plans for meetings with voters in Tien Yen. (Photo:

As many as 50 nominated nominated deputies of the 11th district People’s Council were popularized plans and timetable for meetings with voters and given instructions on basic contents to build their action programs before organizing the meetings.

As scheduled, meetings with voters to campaign for the election of Tien Yen district People’s Council deputies will be organized in 12 communes and towns from May 9th to 10th. For candidates nominated as communal and town People’s Council deputies, meetings with voters will be completed before May 20th, 2016.

The conference to foster knowledge and skills of candidates in Cam Pha city. (Photo:

At a conference to foster knowledge and skills of candidates nominated as People’s Council deputies at different levels in Cam Pha city, People’s Council deputies of the previous tenures shared experiences in activities of People’s Council and other contents with the candidates.

Aiming to ensure the success of the election, Cam Pha asked the municipal Electoral Committee to continue to conduct the following steps of the election in close compliance with regulations.

The city also urged candidates for deputies of People’s Council at municipal, precinct and communal levels to carefully study regulations, and well prepare their action programs as suitable and close to the reality of the locality to present to voters./.

BTA (According to 12th Congress)