Thailand uses aircraft to create artificial rain (Source:

Six aircraft from the Air Force and Army division joined the fleet of the Department of Rain-making and Agricultural Aviation (DRAA) in carrying out the cloud-seeding operations in the air.

DRAA Director-General Surasee Kittimonthon said that the cloud-seeding operations will be conducted until the end of September to cope with the worst drought in many years.

He added that even though the drought had slightly eased in some areas due to monsoon rains in the past several days, almost 200 reservoirs, including 19 major ones, are running very low and in urgent need of replenishment by means of artificial rain-making so that there will be sufficient water for consumption in the current and following seasons.

All 11 rain-making units around the country will fly missions whenever the climate is right.

The Thai cabinet approved a THB30 million (USD971,310) fund in July for the mission to ease drought in the three regions./.