Mr. Pham Hong Phong (Photo: VNA)

Sunwah Group, a Hong Kong-based multi-sector enterprise, and global partner of the Hong Kong (China) Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), which organizes the contest, sponsored three young Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the technology sector to participate in the competition.

At this competition, Mr. Pham Hung Phong, CEO of Cyfeer, a business operating apartment building management software based in Ho Chi Minh City, entered the top 10 of the competition.

The three Vietnamese businessmen shared that the competition was a good opportunity for young startups in Vietnam to gain more experience in reality, with a clearer and more general view of the startup environment.

This is also a chance for young Vietnamese to introduce the image of young Vietnamese entrepreneurs to international friends, as well as consult and learn startup ideas of ​​young people in the international realm, thus creating a young startup entrepreneur community in Vietnam.

At this year's competition, 100 startups from around the world entered the final round, briefly presenting their ideas within one minute to investors and experts in fields.

From this list, the top 10 most excellent startup entries will have the opportunity to briefly present their ideas before the evaluation board and potential investors for three minutes.

The champion will be honored and receive an investment award of up to USD120,000.

The International Startup Competition Elevator Pitch Hong Kong is an annual event organized by HKSTP for startups from many countries around the world./.