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Vocational school for Vietnamese in Germany opens its first training course
The first training course on massage, make-up and beauty by the vocational school “Dong Xuan Nails & Spa” recently opened at the Dong Xuan Trade Center in Berlin, Germany.
Vietnamese Embassy in Qatar making efforts to protect its citizens
17:00 14/06/2017
Faced with escalating diplomatic tensions between Qatar and the Gulf states, Vietnamese Ambassador to Qatar Nguyen Hoang has addressed the impacts of the crisis on the Vietnamese community in Qatar, measures to support and protect Vietnamese citizens in the country.
Orchid Fund supports nearly 250 poor Vietnamese students
16:42 13/06/2017
The Management Board of Orchid Fund in Singapore on June 10th organized a meeting to raise funds.
Exciting summer camp for Vietnamese children and adolescents in Ukraine
17:14 12/06/2017
A summer camp for Vietnamese children and adolescents was recently held in Odessa, Ukraine, in early June.
Overseas Vietnamese interested in Czech President's visit to Vietnam
18:49 09/06/2017
The OV community in the Czech Republic paid special attention to the Czech President Milos Zeman’s official visit to Vietnam on June 6th - 8th, and expressed their delight at the achieved results.
Vietnamese course for Lao officials ends
18:44 09/06/2017
A ceremony to end Vietnamese classes for Lao officials was organized at the Vietnamese Cultural Centre in Vientiane, Laos, on June 5th.
"Vitar-Incentra Open Summer 2017" tennis tournament in Russia
17:03 06/06/2017
The Vitar-Incentra Open Summer 2017 was organized by the Vietnamese Tennis Association in the Russian Federation (ViTAR) on June 3rd - 4th.
Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang fellow-countrymen association in Germany meets
17:00 06/06/2017
The 4th meeting of the Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang fellow-countrymen association was organized in Mainz city, Rheinland-Pfalz state, Germany, on June 4th.
Congress of General Association of Overseas Vietnamese in Belgium
09:57 06/06/2017
The Congress of the General Association of Overseas Vietnamese in Belgium was organized at the headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in Brussels on June 4th.
Situation of Vietnamese people after attacks in UK
09:48 06/06/2017
Right after the attacks on London bridge and Borough market in London, the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK contacted the local authorities and the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the UK.