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Meaningful gift presented to Vietnamese community in RoK amid COVID-19 outbreak
Through the Vietnamese Embassy, 3,000 face masks were presented to the Vietnamese community in the Republic of Korea (RoK) by the Vietnam-Korea Businessmen and Investment Association (VKBIA) and Vietnam-Korea Experts and Intellectual Association (VKEIA), on April 9th.
Vietnamese Embassy in France opens online citizen protection registration system
16:38 19/03/2020
Due to serious development of Covid-19, the Vietnamese Embassy in France is opening an online citizen protection registration system for Vietnamese citizens.
First two Vietnamese - Americans died of Covid-19 in US
16:20 19/03/2020
Two Vietnamese - Americans died of Covid-19 in Washington State of the US.
Nearly 6,000 people from ASEAN and 1,000 people from Europe repatriate
16:09 19/03/2020
Airports welcomed more than 1,090 passengers from Europe to Vietnam, including 999 repatriating Vietnamese, on March 18th.
Vietnamese Embassy in Spain protects Vietnamese people amid Covid-19 outbreak
09:50 19/03/2020
The Vietnamese Embassy in Spain so far has not recorded any cases of Vietnamese citizens infected with Covid-19.
Vietnamese Embassy in Russia supports students amidst COVID-19 outbreak
19:09 18/03/2020
The Vietnamese Embassy in Russia has closely watched COVID-19 developments and required Vietnamese students to stay vigilant against the epidemic.
Vietnamese Embassy in France ready to protect citizens as Covid-19 epidemic spreads
11:11 18/03/2020
The Vietnamese Embassy on March 16th provided information to help the Vietnamese community in France to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic.
Vietnamese citizens entering Singapore to be quarantined
09:55 17/03/2020
All passengers entering Singapore from or going through ASEAN countries (including Vietnam), Japan, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland within the previous 14 days will be required to be quarantined at their residence in Singapore as of 23h59 of March 16th (Singaporean time).
No Vietnamese in US infected with SARS-CoV-2
11:00 16/03/2020
No Vietnamese nationals in the US have so far been reported to contract the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which is spreading in major US states and cities.
Vietnamese students in RoK receive support to fight COVID-19
11:32 15/03/2020
The Vietnamese Students' Association in the Republic of Korea (RoK) (VSAK) has swiftly taken measures to support students amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.