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Tao Yuan’s Asian Marriage Association, bridge to support overseas Vietnamese brides
The Asian Marriage Association of Tao Yuan city, Taiwan, China, is a non-profit organization, established on September 14th, 2008, in order to help new immigrants integrate into Taiwanese society. The new immigrants are mainly Vietnamese brides getting married with Taiwanese men.
Vinh Phuc Homeland Spring 2018 to be organized for overseas Vietnamese
14:07 07/12/2017
The Vinh Phuc Homeland Spring 2018 will be organized for overseas Vietnamese around the world by the Vinh Phuc Union of Friendship Organizations, to strengthen their cohesion with the province and express the interest of the Party and people of the province to the overseas Vietnamese.
Vietnamese culture promoted in UAE
08:56 07/12/2017
The Vietnamese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Vietnam Contemporary Art Theatre under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, organized cultural activities in the seven emirates of UAE from November 29th to December 4th.
Vietnam participates in international charity bazaar in India
19:43 05/12/2017
An annual international charity bazaar was organized by the Delhi Commonwealth Women's Union at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi, India, on December 3rd with the participation of representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organizations in New Delhi.
Vietnam’s art and handicraft products introduced at international exhibition in Italy
19:42 05/12/2017
Vietnam’s art and handicraft product pavilion at the 22nd International Crafts Selling Exhibition 2017 in Milan city, Italy, was launched on December 3rd, with the participation of over 30 Vietnamese businesses.
Vietnam participates in charity bazaar in Ukraine
19:41 05/12/2017
The 25th charity bazaar was recently organized by the International Women's Club of Kyiv in Ukrainian capital Kiev.
Vietnam joins ASEAN Friendship Games and Food Festival in Myanmar
16:29 01/12/2017
In the framework of activities marking 50 years since the establishment of ASEAN, ASEAN embassies in Myanmar and Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs have organized the ASEAN Friendship Games and Food Festival at Asia Point Bowling Centre in Yangon, Myanmar.
Nearly 30 Vietnamese people leave Bali safely
18:54 30/11/2017
As of November 29th, the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia received information requesting support from nearly 50 Vietnamese visitors who were stranded in Bali, and nearly 30 of them have left Bali safely by road.
Vietnam joins charity fair in Turkey
16:33 28/11/2017
The Vietnamese Embassy in Turkey participated in a charity fair 2017 held by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital Ankara on November 26th.
Vietnam participates in International Christmas Bazaar in Prague
16:32 28/11/2017
The International Christmas Bazaar 2017 was organized by the Diplomatic Spouses' Association (DSA) in Prague on November 26th to introduce traditional products and cultural features of 48 countries and raise money for charity in the Czech Republic.