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A Vietnamese injured in Lebanon deadly explosions
A Vietnamese citizen was injured in two tragic explosions in Lebanon’s Beirut capital on August 4 evening, killing 78 local residents and injuring thousands.
Third flight to bring home Vietnamese citizens from Australia held in Mid-July
12:25 07/07/2020
​Competent Vietnamese agencies are making a plan for the third flight to bring home Vietnamese citizens in Australia, which is expected to take place in mid-July.
Over 300 Vietnamese citizens brought home from Malaysia
15:12 05/07/2020
Some 310 Vietnamese citizens were brought home from Malaysia on July 5th.
Over 350 Vietnamese citizens repatriated from Australia, New Zealand
09:25 05/07/2020
More than 350 Vietnamese citizens from Australia and New Zealand were brought home safe and sound on July 3rd.
Vietnamese Embassy presents face masks to Washington DC
18:09 02/07/2020
The Vietnamese Embassy in the US presented 3,500 medical face masks produced by Vietnamese enterprises to representatives of Washington DC on June 30th to support the city to fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Vietnamese women in Germany present face masks to local humanitarian organization
18:07 02/07/2020
Representatives from the Vietnamese Women's Association in the German city of Dresden presented 900 face masks to the Evangelisch Clearingstelle church, a local humanitarian organization, on July 1st.
Japanese group presents aid to Vietnamese students impacted by COVID-19
16:46 02/07/2020
Mr. Hiroshi Yokoo, Chairman of the AEON 1% Club Foundation under Japan’s AEON Co., on June 30th presented 5 million JPY (46,000 USD) to Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Vu Hong Nam to Vietnamese students and practitioners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
More Vietnamese citizens brought home from Japan
12:43 01/07/2020
A flight brought 225 Vietnamese citizens back to Vietnam from Japan conducted by Vietjet Air on June 30th.
Vietnamese collectives and individuals in Czech Republic honoured for fighting COVID-19
19:09 30/06/2020
The Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic has made great contributions to the government and people of the Czech Republic in preventing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Over 280 Vietnamese citizens brought home from France and Europe
18:33 29/06/2020
A flight was organized by Vietnamese agencies in and outside the country and the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines and French agencies to bring more than 280 Vietnamese citizens in France and some other European countries to return to Vietnam on June 28th and 29th.