Party members at the ceremony (Photo: VNA)

This is the honour and pride of not only the Party Organization of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Czech Republic, Party members who receive the badges and Party cells, but also of the Vietnamese community in the country.

Speaking at the event, Secretary of the Party Committee and Ambassador of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Czech Republic Ho Minh Tuan said that in spite of living far from the homeland, overseas Vietnamese associations and unions in the Czech Republic have carried out practical activities, contributing to building and developing the strong and united overseas Vietnamese community.

Mr. Ho Minh Tuan desired that Party members continue to communicate and educate their young generations to actively participate in building the community, respecting the law, integrating into the local society and launching movements toward the homeland.

The Party members, who received Party membership badges promised that they would preserve their revolutionary morality, uphold their example role and continue to make practical contributions to building and developing the Vietnamese community and the nation as well./.