A performance at the program (Photo: VNA)

Starting from the idea of organizing a cultural event to mark the 40th anniversary of the Southern Liberation and National Reunification Day and the 125th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday in 2015, this annual art program performed by Vietnamese students in Cuba introduces the natural beauty and diversified cultural character of the S-shaped country during 12 months of a year.

Through 10 art performances, amateur artists told the origin tale of dragon and fairy of the Vietnamese people; Mid-Autumn Festival with 5-pointed star-shaped lantern, which is dear to Vietnamese children; spring with green buds; flavour of green rice and fragrance of Alstonia scholaris flower in Hanoi Autumn and graceful beauty of Saigon girls.

At the event, the audience also enjoyed strong contemporary dances and eventful flamenco songs performed by young Cuban artists.

The landmark of the program is strong commitment of youth union members to continue upholding the glorious tradition of previous generations.

It is hoped to introduce Vietnamese images and songs to Cuban friends, as well as improve solidarity among Vietnamese students in the country./.