The delegates at the event (Photo: VNA)

In the speech at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Van Thuong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Kharkiv city, highlighted the important leadership role of the Party in resistance wars to seize independence and freedom for the nation as well as in the cause of construction and protection of social republic of Vietnam today.  

In the current period, with flexible policies, the CPV continues to successfully lead the innovation process, bringing the country to strong development, becoming a bright spot in the region and the world.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Ukraine Nguyen Anh Tuan explained the ideology and correct ways of the Party in the modern era, with the goal of protecting independence, sovereignty and integrity of the nation, and at the same time, maintaining the peaceful environment, friendly relations and good traditions with international partners, for the sake of the nation.

He stressed that throughout the 90-year history of growth and development, the CPV under the wise leadership of President Ho Chi Minh has brought the country of Vietnam from victory to victory and brought the country confidently forward to keep pace with the world today.

On this occasion, Ambassador Nguyen Anh Tuan presented 30, 40 and 50-year party badges to some party members in Kharkiv city.

The ambassador acknowledged and praised the spirit of perseverance and effort of the party members in Kharkiv, who always try to maintain activities of the Party organization and actively contribute to the building of the community in the condition that Ukraine has many particular difficulties and especially not enjoying any regimes and incentives.

The diplomat emphasized that the party badges are a recognition of the contributions of the Party members.

On behalf of those awarded the party badge, Mr. Nguyen Quang Thoai, 73, the first person in Kharkiv to receive the 50-year party badge, expressed his gratitude to the Party. He said that throughout his life, he always tries to be exemplary, to abide by the regulations of the Party and obligations of a good citizen. In his life, the 50-year party badge will be a motivation for him to continue to operate and teach his descendants to follow the Party's ideals.

At the meeting, the ambassador also answered questions of party members and overseas Vietnamese about regimes and policies of the Party and state and new regulations of the law relating to overseas Vietnamese./.