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Vietnamese language is one of the earliest majors in many Chinese universities. Since 1949, Peking University has offered a speciality in Vietnamese language training, then the University of International Business and Economics in 1954 and Guangxi University for Nationalities in 1964.

Most recently in 2015, the Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages in Shijiazhuang city opened a speciality in training Vietnamese language and currently has about 200 Chinese students studying this major.

Yunnan province has 8 universities and institutes offering a Vietnamese major, such as Yunnan University, Yunnan National University, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan Agricultural University, and Southwest Forestry University. In addition, five universities and institutes in Guangxi province, three universities in Beijing city, and four other cities and provinces each have one university training Vietnamese language.  

The training of students specializing in Vietnamese language at China’s universities is still small scale. Some universities such as Shanghai University of Foreign Languages, Peking University, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing University of Foreign Languages only enroll about 10 to 20 students for each program every 2 or 4 years.

However, due to the good quality of training and the high demand, most graduates find suitable jobs./.