Delegates at the congress (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to India, concurrently Nepal and Bhutan Ton Sinh Thanh said that this was an important event and a new development step in activities of the Vietnamese community in India and Nepal, because it was the first meeting which was attended by most representatives of groups, all classes of the Vietnamese community there.

He said that in recent years, the Vietnamese community in India and Nepal has been growing, and is starting to have common activities and increasing solidarity.

At the congress, the delegates focused on discussing specific measures so that the Vietnamese community in India and Nepal are more united and organized, with more useful common activities, supporting each other and towards the homeland.

The Ambassador said that the State, Government and Embassy of Vietnam have always considered the Vietnamese community, regardless of their composition, to be an inseparable part of the Vietnamese people and would protect the legal and legitimate interests of all Vietnamese people working, living and studying in India and Nepal.

In addition, he also wanted the Vietnamese community to respect the local law, contributing to the development of the traditional friendship between Vietnam and India and Nepal, contributing to the development of the country, and upholding the beautiful image of the Vietnamese people.

The Ambassador also informed those attending about the development of the country after more than 30 years of innovation and the Vietnam-India relations.

At the congress, the delegates representing Buddhist monks, overseas Vietnamese, students in India and Nepal had speeches and expressed their wishes that the General Association could bring into full play specific features of each community, and implement a Vietnamese teaching program for children of overseas Vietnamese people.

The delegates agreed to establish the General Association of Overseas Vietnamese in India and Nepal with the seven-member Executive Board and the three-member Advisory Board, including Ambassador Ton Sinh Thanh, Venerable Thich Huyen Dieu, and Superior Thich Hanh Chanh.

In the coming time, the General Association will uphold its role to unify the overseas Vietnamese community in India and Nepal, support, link and exchange to help each other, as well as organize common activities towards the homeland and teach Vietnamese to overseas Vietnamese children.

Also at the congress, the Vietnamese Embassy praised the delegates, who have made active contributions and launched the campaign "Towards the sea and islands of the homeland" with the implementation time to early September./.