Deputy Mayor of Augsburg city Martina Wild at the Vietnamese stall (Photo: VNA)

The activity aimed to mark the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-Germany diplomatic ties (September 23rd, 1975 – September 23rd, 2020) and Vietnam’s stall attracted a large number of visitors.

At the festival, participating countries displayed products on culture, tourism and cuisine at a pedestrian street in the city.

Apart from displaying typical cultural products such as palm-leaf conical hats and pictures of the country and people of Vietnam, unique culinary dishes of Vietnam were also introduced at the festival, such as fried spring rolls and fresh rice noodle rolls.

A delegation representing Augsburg city government was very impressed and expressed their love for the country and people of Vietnam when visiting the Vietnamese stall.

Ms. Martina Wild, Deputy Mayor in charge of migration issues of Augsburg city, expressed her appreciation and thanks to Vietnam for participating in and contributing to enriching the festival.

She was also particularly impressed with palm-leaf conical hats and Vietnamese dishes. Particularly, each visitor to the Vietnamese stall was presented a face mask, on which there is a map of Vietnam with the two archipelagos of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, thereby contributing to affirming Vietnam's sovereignty over the two archipelagos.

Apart from that, Huong Viet Magazine has recently participated in and organized many events to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Vietnam – Germany diplomatic relations, such as the AFA Augsburg spring fair 2020 which lasted five days on an area of 500m2 with many stalls displaying products and images about the country, people, tourism, culture and cuisine of Vietnam./.