Ambassador Doan Thi Huong speaking at the event (Photo:

At the event, Vietnamese Ambassador Doan Thi Huong reviewed the main features of Vietnam - Cuba relations over the past nearly 60 years, about memories of President Fidel Castro in Vietnam during the fierce resistance war against the US.

She affirmed that Vietnam and Cuba are far from each other in geography but the relationship between the two countries has been tempered and challenged through war and historical vicissitudes. It has been ceaselessly developed and become an invaluable asset of the two nations. The desire of the two people was unity and helped each other to fight against the common enemy, build the equal, self-control, friendly and cooperative relationship.   

Heart of each Vietnamese person today and in the future always keeps Fidel Castro’s immortal sayings: “For Vietnam, Cuba is ready to devote its blood”. We also don’t forget the image of Fidel Castro raising the liberation flag on the entrenched fortification 241 on the position of the first and only foreign head of state visited the newly liberated region in Quang Tri in September 1973. Fidel Castro’s actions and sayings and good deeds of the Cuban leaders, people and friends in the world were great encouragement and important factors contributing to the victory of the people of Vietnam in the cause fighting for the national independence and reunification in the previous time.

The Ambassador believed that generations of Vietnam and Cuba today and in the future will continue to follow the good tradition and write new historical pages to further deepen the special Vietnam - Cuba relations, contributing practically and effectively to the cause of construction and protection of the nations. On this occasion, she thanked and wished Cuban people and guests a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

Cuban Ambassador to Mongolia Raul Delgado Concepcion told memories about years when he and his family lived in Vietnam. He said Cuban people are very honoured to be friends with Vietnam, a heroic and brave nation. The relationship between the two countries is brotherhood; the two countries have experienced various difficulties and challenges in fighting for a target of building an equitable and good society.

He wished the Vietnam - Cuba friendship to be unshakeable and immortal, and thanked the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia for organizing the solemn and warm meeting.

At the event, former Mongolian Ambassador to Vietnam Tsolmon, nearly 80 years old, who spent six years working in Vietnam, said that for him, the time in Vietnam is the most beautiful period of time. Vietnamese people are friendly, open-hearted, honest and enthusiastic, which helped him complete his tasks. This event, helping him meet Vietnamese people and smell “Pho” (noodle soup) and spring roll, made him remember the memories when he lived in Vietnam.

He hoped to come back to Vietnam, to visit Hoan Kiem lake and walk in streets full of alstonia scholaris flowers. Besides, the diplomat wished the people of Vietnam a healthy, happy and successful new year, and the Mongolia - Vietnam friendship to be more developed./.