Vietnamese Ambassador to the Czech Republic Ho Minh Tuan (Photo:

Regarding the Vietnamese community’s co-operation with local people to fight against the epidemic, Ambassador Tuan expressed his delight at how active Vietnamese people have been in helping others regardless of their nationality. For example, many small shops have been offering free food and drinking water to Czech medical workers, whilst groups have sprung up with the aim of producing more masks for staff at medical facilities, government agencies, and epidemic prevention units.

These activities have not gone unnoticed by Czech government officials, with the Czech Foreign Minister noting their appreciation for the efforts delivered by the Vietnamese community in helping the European country fight the epidemic, according to the Ambassador.

With regard to stepping up co-operation, Ambassador Tuan outlined how both nations are seeking to increase joint activities. This comes after the Czech Republic operated a flight to bring Czech and EU citizens home through chartering a Bamboo Airway’s flight at the end of March. This venture allowed both sides to discuss sharing facilities and the delivery of medical equipment at greater lengths.

Before the flight, the two Prime Ministers held a general discussion regarding the ongoing disease situation in both nations. Their conversation also included aspirations and proposals in which to increase co-operation moving forward, with Vietnam asking their Czech counterparts to pay closer attention to the Vietnamese community amid increasingly complicated developments.

Any Czech citizens who are found to be infected with the COVID-19 in Vietnam will receive treatment and be provided with accommodation to ensure their health is maintained. It is worth noting that a Czech citizen in the central city of Danang has recently been given the all-clear and was subsequently discharged from hospital.

The Czech Republic expressed their great appreciation for the care given by the Vietnamese Government in terms of epidemic prevention measures./.